The LIFE Project

This is an initiative to increase the profitability of the olive grove by recovering its biodiversity.

It is a demonstration project that will implement profitable and biodiverse olive growing models. Scientifically sustained models that will generate oils identified and certified by a trademark of added value.

This LIFE Project is financed by the European Commission and co-financed by the Communal Olive Grove Property Foundation with a total budget of €2,856,005. It is coordinated by SEO/BirdLife and has the participation the University of Jaén and the Superior Council for Scientific Research as associates of the Provincial Council of Jaén.


LIFE14 NAT/ES/001094. Olive Alive. Toward the design and certification of olive groves reconciled with biodiversity.

Project acronym

LIFE Olive Alive

Start date


End date


Coordinating beneficiary

Sociedad Española de Omitologia. SEO/BirdLife

Associated beneficiaries

Provincial Council of Jaén. University of Jaén. Department of animal biology, vegetable biology and ecology. PAIDI SEJ-315 group. Experimental Station of Arid Zones of the Superior Council for Scientific Research.


Fundación Patrimonio comunal olivarero. Interprofesional del aceite de oliva español

Total project budget


Contribution of the EU

1.713.603€ (60%)

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