The cogulla snake

A few days ago, while we worked in the restoration work of the olive grove revegetando with local species a boundary, appeared a small snake of western cowl. A reptile characteristic of southern peninsular and northern Morocco.

By system, snakes have a very bad reputation and are often unfairly persecuted, since most are harmless and all of them play a fundamental role in our ecosystems. The best we can do if we find one, is to leave it alone, in this case we took a photo so that it would be a record of your visit to the olive grove.

The characteristic features of this species, are the spot in uve and the nuchal collar something that differentiates it from the rest of Iberian snakes. To live, you need soft and well structured floors where you can find a multitude of shelters. This snake feeds exclusively on other reptiles, especially the blind shingles, its most prized prey, although it does not make it disgusting to any other lizard that can capture well hidden under a stone.

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