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Project summary

Resumen Olivares Vivos

¿Qué es el proyecto Olivares Vivos?

Project Summary 🇬🇧

What is Olivares Vivos?

Riassunto del Progetto 🇮🇹

Cos’è Olivares Vivos?


Report about the perception that the olive sector has about the LIFE Project ‘Olivares Vivos’ and its receptivity to change from the current model to the proposed one 🇪🇸

Discover the farmer’s opinion about biodiversity

Our participation in ‘Climate Changing Agriculture International
Conference’ 🇪🇸


Know our participation in this Conference.

Report about the biodiversity on the olive grove 🇪🇸


The olive grove has immense biodiversity, read it in this report “Olivar y biodiversidad.”

Recomendaciones para el diseño de la PAC Post-2020 relativa
al olivar 🇪🇸

Versión/Avance 1

Recommendations for the design of the Post-2020 CAP concerning olive farming 🇬🇧

Version/Draft 1

Guides and Notebooks

Guide ‘Knowledges, skills and customs in the traditional olive grove’ 🇪🇸

Know the traditional olive grove

Teaching book 🇪🇸

Teaching book: “Olivares vivos: una aventura muy cercana”

List of plants and seeds that we have used for the environmental restoration 🇪🇸

Know the species with which we worked to restaure olive groves.

The secrets of the olive grove 🇪🇸


Discover the gymkhana we have done for the olive grove

Good ‘bad’ weeds in the olive groves 🇪🇸

Learn how to make a better management of the vegetation cover in your olive grove

Olivares Vivos in Action

Olivares Vivos en Acción

Resultados de Olivares Vivos a junio de 2017.

Olivares Vivos en Acción

Descubre lo que ha ido haciendo Olivares Vivos (Diciembre de 2017)

Olivares Vivos en Acción

Olivares Vivos en acción a junio de 2018.

Olivares Vivos in Action

Discover what we have been doing. June 2018.

Press dossier of the LIFE Olivares Vivos

Dossier de prensa

El Proyecto LIFE Olivares Vivos.

Informative triptychs of the Project

Tríptico de Olivares Vivos

Descubre qué es Olivares Vivos en pocas palabras


Find out what is Olivares Vivos in a few words

Dépliant informatif du projet Olivares Vivos

Découvrez ce que c’est Olivares Vivos