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How the Olive Oils “Olivares Vivos” have been made

The olive growers have taken care of their olive groves all the year long, working to obtain the best harvest, but also to recover the biodiversity of their farms.They have been paying attention to the moment when the olives achieved its optimum of maturity: when they achieved the “envero”, neither too green nor completely black.

They have carefully harvested the olives, having in mind the weather conditions (the temperature should be low) and transporting them with extremely precaution.They have milled the olives and centrifuged the resulting dough with all the precautions, also at a low temperature, so they have preserved the polyphenols. In this way, the “Olivares Vivos” Extra Virgin Olive Oils have a very intense flavor and aroma, as well as being very healthy. Also, in most cases they have filtrated their oils.

They have bottled their Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

They have labelled our logo in their bottles and / or hanged the diptych that identifies them as Extra Virgin Olive Oils which participates in «Olivares Vivos»: high quality oils that have been made on farms that have worked to recover their biodiversity.

And they have come to you. It’s your turn, now you can choose these oils «at once with nature».

Discover the “Olivares Vivos” EEVO

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