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March 2021

We present the biodiversity recovery recovery, following the Olivares Vivos model. Also, we are in FOLIVE, we speak with many farmers in Arquillos and many, many more things.

April 2021

We continue to publicize the results of biodiversity recovery, many journalists visit us and, of course, we do a lot of other issues.

January 2021

We are interviewed in RNE5’s «Reserva Natural», we are awarded one of the prizes of the Iberoleum guide or the common swift becomes bird of the year, by SEO/BirdLife.

February 2021

We prepare for everything that awaits us in the coming months.

November 2020

We appear in “Para todos La2”, we talk about the olive grove in Canal Sur, new adhesions to the Municipalities Network for Olivares Vivos or we send the stamps to identify the participating EVOOs.

December 2020

We participate in the virtual Festival of the First Oil of Jaén, we publish the book of winning stories of the tale contest or we take stock of 2020.

September 2020

We participate in the V Conference “Olivar y Aceite”, we are invited to the “Jornadas para agricultores” in Villatorres or we begin to know some results of the postoperative study.

October 2020

The olive harvest begins, we participate in a digital seminar organized by the Ideal newspaper or we appear in the LIFE Awards 2020.

June 2020

The presentation ceremony of the Olivares Vivos guarantee brand and the participating oils is carried out. Also, we carry out the VII Monitoring and Participation Committee or we fill the «casa de vida» with birds again.

July and August 2020

We finished the VII Monitoring and Participation Committee, we took care of the birds of prey in our «casa de vida» or we continued with the monitoring of biodiversity in the Olivares Vivos, during the summer months.

April 2020

We received a virtual visit from the LIFE external monitoring team, we reached 400 olive growers interested in participating in Olivares Vivos or we continued working on the drafting of the certification regulations.

May 2020

We participate in the III Olea International Networking Event, we celebrate the Natura 2000 Network Day or we get realdy the «casa de vida».

February 2020

We commemorate the Municipalities Networ for Olivares Vivos with a conference and new adhesions, we do a volunteer camp or we are invited to a conference organized by ASAJA-Seville.

March 2020

Due to COVID-19, we work from home in the certification process and measuring the biodiversity of olive groves. Likewise, our tales and photography awards continue.

December 2019

We are at COP25, explaining how the olive groves can mitigate the climatic emergency. Also, we continue our “A very close adventure” or publish the rules of our First Photography Prize.

January 2020

We continue measuring biodiversity in the twenty demonstrative olive groves, as well as “furnishing”, restoring or doing yincanas with schoolchildren.

October 2019

Birds Day 2019, activities in the Libera project. Also, we talk with farmers in Bailén and Iznájar, we work to change the CAP… and a lot of other things.

November 2019

Congresses, gymkanas, visit to schools, olive and olive oil. A lot of oil full of biodiversity.

July and August 2019

A new house of life with common kestrels, barn owls and litllte owls. Also, meetings and field work in the hottest months of the year.

September 2019

During the month of September we have shared experiences with other LIFE projects and visiting olive growers interested in “Live Olivares” in Mallorca.

May 2019

May has been the month of Expoliva, the International Exhibition of Olive Oil and related Industries, in which we have presented the certification brand with which the olive oils “Olivares Vivos” will be released.

June 2019

In June we have presented the II Prize “Draw your Olive Live”, as well as finished the school campaign “A very close adventure”.

March 2019

We go to a lot of conferences and also, to the olive fair “Olivera 2019”. We have started to construct floating islands in irrigation ponds.

April 2019

We do not stop in April, with floating islands in the irrigation ponds, conferences, visits to schools, gymkanas or meetings with journalists.

January 2019

A new year in “Olivares Vivos” that has started with “A very close adventure” school campaign, in Córdoba and Jaén. Also, we have gone to the University of Alicante to explain this LIFE Project and we have participated in a round table in an High School.

February 2019

Everything is prepared to begin the marketing experiments. Also, we have been visited by the external monitoring team and have celebrated informative days with farmers.

November 2018

Yincanas, Lince Fairs or congresses in Évora. A lot of what we have done in November.

December 2018

Appearances on television, new plantations, meetings, market analysis and cold, very cold, in the last month of the year.

September 2018

Autumn is already here and in this new season we have not stopped doing things.

October 2018

In October we presented the report “Olive and biodiversity” and the plant Linaria qartobensis, among many other things.

July 2018

During the month of July we focused, above all, on watering the plantations made so far.

August 2018

The summer we have dedicated to water, bring water to animals and define what we will do in the coming months.

May 2018

During the month of May, in addition to continuing to work in the olive groves, we disseminated the Project in multiple talks and congresses.

June 2018

Throughout June we continue working to achieve the objectives we set ourselves in Olivares Vivos.

March 2018

We continue in March developing different activities with which to improve the biodiversity of the Andalusian olive grove.

April 2018

In the month of April we continue with the different activities developed to make the olive groves a true living olive groves

January 2018

In December we bid farewell to 2017 knowing that it has been a great year in which we have advanced a lot in the Olivares Vivos project…

February 2018

During the month of February we have continued working to fulfill all that we proposed with Olivares Vivos.

November 2017

November has been a month in which we have not stopped doing things: volunteering, training with the school community, participation in the Ornithological Congress, and much more…

December 2017

In January Olivares Vivos has proposed to meet all the challenges that lie ahead and there are many…

September 2017

September has been a very exciting month, we have traveled to Greece, received the visit of some interesting companions…

October 2017

In October, the work begins in the olive groves, it is time for the olive harvest and for us, to restart the restoration work.

June 2017

Summer comes to the olive grove between high temperatures and storms, we have lived a June full of visits.

July and August 2017

The months of July and August are hard for the inhabitants of the olive grove, this summer, we have tried to put it something easier.

April 2017

Spring arrives at the olive grove and the project goes out to know its night, including its owls.

May 2017

Olivares Vivos travels to Brussels and Estonia, making an inescapable stop at Expooliva

February 2017

First results on the study of olive grove biodiversity, our volunteer fields and much more.

March 2017

The spring in the olive grove, the filming of a documentary, some works very bicheras and a lot of visits…

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