Butterflies in the olive grove

Papilio machaon, is one of the largest and most striking butterflies in Europe, one of our most beautiful butterflies, but also scarce and difficult to observe.

The image is captured in Rancho del Herrador, the farm located in the Natural Park of Grazalema that is managed by our Olive Olive – Environment.

This specimen corresponds to an individual of the second and last generation of the year, who flies mainly in the month of August; although in the area of ​​Grazalema some specimens may extend their presence a little longer and reach the month of September. In any case, before long, the days will be too cold and too short for them and we will have to wait for spring again so that we can find it again.

The macaon is very affected by human activity and therefore appears mainly in well-preserved environments, such as the olive grove of Rancho del Herrador, a place where the natural vegetation of gall oaks and carob trees is interspersed between olive trees and wild olive trees.

This butterfly, also presents a curious behavior, known as “hilltopping”, which refers to the agglomeration of hundreds or thousands of Macaon specimens on the tops of some mountains.


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