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Olivares Vivos certification?
Exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oils produced in olive groves where the recovery of native fauna and flora species has been scientifically recorded. CONTRIBUTION VIVOS
BASIS SOLID Scientific basis The farming model proposed by Olivares Vivos has a solid scientific basis, endorsed by the University of Jaen and the Spanish National Research Council. THE FOUNDATIONS OF OLIVARES VIVOS SCIENTIFIC VIRGIN OLIVE OIL CERTIFIED Why support
Olivares Vivos?
By purchasing certified Olivares Vivos Extra Virgin Olive Oils, you support the recovery of the biodiversity that has always been part of olive groves. What is more, you help to mitigate climate change and support traditional olive farming and its profitability. THE FIRST BRANDS OLIVARES VIVOS EXTRA
MORE FLORA MORE FAUNA Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil
and olive groves full of life
Olivares Vivos olive farmers not only work all year round to obtain an olive oil of exceptional quality, but they also promote biodiversity. They care for the grass cover, plant flowers and shrubs, put up nest boxes and build ponds. WHAT HAS BEEN DONE