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The LIFE Project

Olive Alive is a LIFE project that proposes a model of olive growing based on respect for nature and the quality of the oils obtained, which helps reverse biodiversity loss and contributes to a better profitability of the olive grove.

About us

Olive Alive is coordinated by SEO BirdLife. In which the Ecology and Marketing departments of the University of Jaén and the Experimental Station of Arid Zones of the Superior Council for Scientific Research participate as associates.

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The olive grove
and biodiversity

Putting in practice agricultural models that respect the environment guarantees the correct functioning of agricultural systems and ecosystem services that are so fundamental for their existence, such as pollination or soil fertility.

Our Olive groves

  • Monva
    MonvaOlive grove
  • El Olivar de la Luna
    El Olivar de la LunaOlive grove
  • Benzalá
    BenzaláOlive grove
    • Llanos de Vanda
      Llanos de VandaOlive grove
      • “Cortijo Guadina I”
        “Cortijo Guadina I”Olive grove
        • El Tobazo
          El TobazoOlive grove
          • Finca la Torre
            Finca la TorreOlive grove
            • Moraleda
              MoraledaOlive grove
              • La Tosquilla
                La TosquillaOlive grove
                • Gascón
                  GascónOlive grove
                  • Piedras Cucas
                    Piedras CucasOlive grove
                    • Los Ojuelos
                      Los OjuelosOlive grove
                      • Cortijo Guadiana II
                        Cortijo Guadiana IIOlive grove
                        • Rancho del Herrador
                          Rancho del HerradorOlive grove
                        • Quinta San José
                          Quinta San JoséOlive grove
                        • Peña del Gallo
                          Peña del GalloOlive grove
                          • Cortijo el Puerto
                            Cortijo el PuertoOlive grove
                          • Finca Ecológica la Olivilla
                            Finca Ecológica la OlivillaOlive grove
                          • Cortijo Ardachel
                            Cortijo ArdachelOlive grove

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